“All the incredible insight that you shared with me about climbing big mountains helped me get ready for my dream climbs.  Your deep and broad knowledge base helped me fully prepare every aspect of my training, the gear and life management.  Alan, I even took your valuable TIPS checklist for Everest with me to basecamp, and read it there over and over again.  Thank you for helping me make the summits smoothly and safely.”

  • Jim Davidson’s successful summit of Everest (29,035’) Nepal & summit of Cho Oyu (26,906’), Tibet

“From the initial phone call right up to the time of my climb, your help in identifying strengths and working to fix my weaknesses has made me a more confident and better prepared climber.  From the physical aspects to the mental aspects your coaching had me prepared to face whatever could have been thrown at me.   Thank you again for all your help.”

  • Brian’s successful summit of Mt. Baker (10,781′) Washington State U.S.

“You took the time to teach me more about 8000 meter peaks and how to prepare for them than anyone else. I can’t thank you enough.”

  • Ryan’s successful summit of Gasherbrum (26,362′) Pakistan

“I made the summit of Denali in great shape. Thanks Alan for your coaching from gear to training to what to expect . You really made a difference.”

  • David’s successful summit of Denali (20,301′) Alaska

Step 1: Overview