“I am really pleased to have you as my coach. Worth every penny!”
  • Mike – new Summit Coach client for Ama Dablam
Alan has a deep love for the mountains. He loves being there, talking about them and reflecting on how this can make us better people. The mix between this love and his wide knowledge of the whole dynamics of an expedition is a powerful combination and it was crucial to my successful Everest summit in 2019. The conversations with him throughout the expedition’s phases helped me to make better decisions and, afterwards to make sense and to learn from my experience.
  • J. Gustavo’s successful 2019 summit of Everest (29,035’) Nepal
“Alan is the most valuable resource I’ve had supporting me while attempting mountaineering objectives in the Himalaya, Andes, and Rockies. His experiential knowledge of specific mountains, their respective ranges, and regions prepared me to perform better & make informed on-mountain choices as a result of reducing my unknowns. Alan’s counsel also materially improved my pre-expedition decisions and preparation. I am lucky to know Alan and hope to continue working with him in the years to come.”
  • Jason’s successful summits across the Rockies, Andes, & Himalayas, including Mt. Everest in 2019

“All the incredible insight that you shared with me about climbing big mountains helped me get ready for my dream climbs.  Your deep and broad knowledge base helped me fully prepare every aspect of my training, the gear and life management.  Alan, I even took your valuable TIPS checklist for Everest with me to basecamp, and read it there over and over again.  Thank you for helping me make the summits smoothly and safely.”

  • Jim’s successful summit of Everest (29,035’) in Nepal & summit of Cho Oyu (26,906’) in Tibet

Example Client Profiles

58 14er None
72 7 Summits Kilimanjaro
47 7 Summits None
44 7 Summits limited
42 7 Summits 14ers
38 7 Summits Kili
32 7 Summits none
39 8000ers Everest
69 A Seven Summit Kili, EBC
25 A Seven Summit none
60 Aconcagua KIli, EBC
58 Aconcagua Aconcagua
48 Aconcagua, Everest Elbrus, Baker
58 Aconcagua, Everest None
26 Ama Dablam 6000 meters
42 Ama Dablam, Aconcagua, Everest Cotopaxi
34 Cho Oyu ChoOyu attempt
53 Cotopaxi, Denali, Everest, Vinson Elbrus, Aconcagua, KIlimanjaro
38 Denali Rainier
55 EBC, Lobuche, various Island Peak, Everest
67 Ecuador Volcanoes 14ers
28 Elbrus SevenSummits
60 Everest Kili, Coto, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Vinson, Denali
57 Everest none
46 Everest None
42 Everest 6000meters
32 Everest None
49 Everest Aconcagua +
33 Everest none
73 Everest C2 Rainier, Mont Blanc
33 Island Peak Elbrus, Kilimanjaro
60 Lhapka Ri Cotopaxi, Kilimanjaro, Rainier
55 Lhotse Limited
59 Mountaineering Everest
55 Mountaineering Whitney
44 Mountaineering EBC
40 Mountaineering None
39 Nepal Trekking Peak Limited
33 Vinson, Everest Other7S

“From the initial phone call right up to the time of my climb, your help in identifying strengths and working to fix my weaknesses has made me a more confident and better prepared climber.  From the physical aspects to the mental aspects your coaching had me prepared to face whatever could have been thrown at me.   Thank you again for all your help.”

  • Brian’s successful summit of Mt. Baker (10,781′) Washington State U.S.

“You took the time to teach me more about 8000 meter peaks and how to prepare for them than anyone else. I can’t thank you enough.”

  • Ryan’s successful summit of Gasherbrum (26,362′) Pakistan

“I made the summit of Denali in great shape. Thanks, Alan, for coaching from gear to training to what to expect. You really made a difference.”

  • David’s successful summit of Denali (20,301′) Alaska

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