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Why Do You Need a Coach and why Alan?

If you are looking for help with selecting the best guide, buying gear at the lowest price or avoiding surprises on your climb, Summit Coach is for you. Simply put, Alan has experiences unlike anyone else in the industry with climbs, summits, sponsorship, and organization. Summit Coach offers highly personalized attention rarely seen in the climbing industry. Read more about Alan.

Who is this for?

Motivated individuals seeking to arrive at their mountain fully prepared, informed, and enabled to perform at their maximum physical and mental potential. With expeditions now costing from $8,000 to $80,000, it’s a smart investment to enable you to do your best on your climb.

If any of these points fit your situation, you may benefit from Summit Coach:

  • Not pleased with your experience on a recent climb
  • Want to climb a 7,000 or 8,000-meter peak but are not sure where to start
  • Unsure of how to find the best gear at the best price
  • How to get your family on the same page to support your ambitions
  • Want to be in the best shape possible for your climb but unsure how to start
  • All guide services seem similar, and you are unsure who you can trust
  • Is the lowest price guide service safe?

These are the services that Summit Coach offers:

The most important service you get from Summit Coach is the ongoing conversations to explore your climb and preparation.


Initial Phone Consultation

  • A half-hour phone call to determine what services you need, including a fully custom plan.

Client Intake Process

  • On-Line process to explore your skills and experience prior to the first call.

1-1 Live Personal Coaching

  • Regular live consultations either in person, on the phone, or via the internet throughout the engagement. This is available on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis.

Email or Text Coaching

  • Fast response to all emails and texts on questions or concerns about your climb.

On-Mountain Coaching

  • Alan will provide consulting while you are on your climb through the internet, email, or phone.

Post Climb Debrief

  • Once you are back home, a structured debrief focusing on lessons learned and your next goal.


One Specific Climb Engagement

  • Prepares you on what to expect and how to prepare from weather, gear, guides, routes, training suggestions, and budget considerations. This is usually a year-long engagement with frequent phone calls and emails.

Strategic Climb Plan

  • A jointly developed written, personalized plan with milestones that prepares you to arrive at your climb in the best possible condition for that specific climb. It will consider your occupation, lifestyle, time availability, and budget. It will also consider your long-term goals. The deliverable is a schedule of climbs over your planning horizon, so you can visualize your custom plan and make changes as needed.

Climbing Skills Plan

  • A written plan with links and advice that considers your current climbing skills and your proposed climb. It will include an assessment of the required skills for your short and long-term objectives based on the Strategic Climb Plan.

Physical Training Plan

  • A written training plan that considers your current conditioning and your proposed climb. It will include work on mental techniques to maintain focus during your expedition. Note that you might still choose a personal trainer as Summit Coach does not provide this service. Summit Coach works with other training organizations for a personalized training coach.

Custom Mountain TIPS Sheet

  • A detailed list of suggestions, reminders, and insights organized by the climbing timeline for your specific mountain from the day you set the goal to the summit and then back home. TIPS covers each camp in detail.

Electronic Communications Plan

  • Advice on whether to blog during your climb and what is the most cost-effective method. The plan also includes electronic trackers like DeLorme, SPOT, and camera recommendations.

Gear and Guides

Guide Selection Consultation and Plan

  • Advice on selecting the best guide (if needed). You will receive a recommendation of multiple guide services that matches your goals, budget, style, and experience. The document will cover pros and cons plus safety and summit records as available. Note: Summit Coach receives no commission for any referral.

Gear Selection Consultation and Plan

  • A custom spreadsheet with links and current prices to help you choose the best gear at the lowest price considering your objectives. You will receive assistance in buying gear at the lowest possible price. Note: Summit Coach receives no commission for any referral.

Self-assessment if you need a coach for your next expedition:

Q: Are you confident in your physical training plan?

Q: Are you certain you have the correct gear?

Q: Are you certain you have the proper skills for your climb?

Q: Do you fully understand what it will take to have a positive experience on your climb?

Q: How confident are you that you understand what it will take to summit safely?

Q: Are you sure you have selected the correct guide that matches your personality, experience, budget, and skills?

Q: Do you know what climbs you should do before the big one you are planning?

If you answered no to any question, schedule a free call to explore how Summit Coach can change those no’s to yes.

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Alan on Everest summit May 21, 2011
Alan on the summit of Everest, May 21, 2011