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Hello from Alan Arnette. Summit Coach is a consulting service that helps climbers worldwide achieve their goals through a personalized set of consulting services based on Alan Arnette’s 30 years of high-altitude mountaineering experience and 30 years as a business executive. He holds the American age record when he summited K2 at age 58. We have helped many climbers reach their goals, from a Colorado 14er to Aconcagua, Denali, Cotopaxi, Everest, and even K2. We invite you to review our site for details on our consultation services and prices.

What Makes Summit Coach Unique?

At Summit Coach, we focus on the entire process of preparing for your climb, which goes far beyond physical training. We start with fitness, skills, and experience and then layer the mental and emotional tools needed for a successful experience. Your teammates are welcome to join you at a discount, and we offer to include your family in your engagement so they will know what to expect during your climb. We are affordable and offer our services at fair, affordable prices. See the prices page for options.

Preparing for a climb is more than training

The most common mistakes climbers make are underestimating the impact of altitude on their bodies and overestimating their physical capabilities. Summit Coach can help you achieve a balanced approach to preparation and simplify the confusing advice you read on the internet.

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How Did You Hear About Summit Coach?

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“I am really pleased to have you as my coach. Worth every penny!”

– Mike – new Summit Coach client for Ama Dablam

“Your advice was critical to my success on Everest.”

– Eric – Everest Summit who is now going for K2

The most important service you get from Summit Coach is the ongoing conversations to explore your climb and preparation

Why Do You Need a Coach and Why Alan?

Navigating the Internet and looking for the best company to climb with on the best peaks can be overwhelming. Alan’s experience can help you save money and increase your chances of achieving your goal.

Alan has experiences unlike anyone else in the industry with climbs, summits, sponsorship, and organization. Alan ran track in High School, setting state records, but that fitness never translated to high altitude (above 10,000 feet) when he began climbing at age 38.

He has proven physical training programs and mental toughness programs that can help climbers achieve their goals. Many Summit Coach clients have limited or no experience; others have dozens of summits and are looking for help with that last big one. Regardless of your experience, Summit Coach can help with an honest program, not promises of a “summit with no experience.”

Alan’s Unique Qualifications

  • Alan set a record by becoming the oldest and 18th American to summit K2 at age 58
  • He has been on Everest four times, summiting on May 21, 2011.
  • His ‘non-summits’ of Everest will benefit you and help you learn from his experiences.
  • He has over 35 major climbs worldwide, starting at age 38, including eight 8,000M peaks and climbing above 6,000 meters over twelve times.
  • Alan has completed 7 of the 8 “7 Summits” between November 2010 and October 2011.
  • He has climbed all of Colorado’s 58 14,000-foot mountains, aka 14ers, and has reached over 225 summits, including repeats.
  • Successfully secured sponsors for the 7 Summits, K2, and Lhotse expeditions
  • He has organized his expeditions, including Broad Peak and K2, plus used professional guides.

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