Hello, and welcome from Summit Coach. We have helped many climbers reach their goals from a Colorado 14er to Denali, Cotopaxi, to Everest. We invite you to review our site for details on our consultation services and prices. Please contact us using the contact form.

Preparing for a climb is more than training.

Summit Coach is a consulting service that helps aspiring climbers throughout the world achieve their goals through a personalized set of consulting services based on Alan Arnette’s 25 years of high altitude mountaineering experience and 30 years as a business executive.

We take a limited number of clients to give each person our full attention.

“I made the summit of Denali in great shape. Thanks, Alan, for your coaching from gear to training to what to expect. You really made a difference.” – David’s successful summit of Denali (20,301′) Alaska

The most important service you get from Summit Coach is the ongoing conversations to explore your climb and preparation.

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Example Client Profiles

727 SummitsKilimanjaro
477 SummitsNone
447 Summitslimited
427 Summits14ers
387 SummitsKili
327 Summitsnone
69A Seven SummitKili, EBC
25A Seven Summitnone
60AconcaguaKIli, EBC
48Aconcagua, EverestElbrus, Baker
58Aconcagua, EverestNone
26Ama Dablam6000 meters
42Ama Dablam, Aconcagua, EverestCotopaxi
34Cho OyuCho Our attempt
53Cotopaxi, Denali, Everest, VinsonElbrus, Aconcagua, KIlimanjaro
55EBC, Lobuche, variousIsland, Everest
67Ecuador Volcanoes14ers
28ElbrusSeven Summits
60EverestKili, Coto, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Vinson, Denali
42Everest6000 meters
49EverestAconcagua +
73Everest C2Rainier, Mont Blanc
33Island PeakElbrus, Kilimanjaro
60Lhapka Ri Cotopaxi, Kilimanjaro, Rainier
39Nepal Trekking PeakLimited
33Vinson, EverestOther 7S


Who is this for?

Motivated individuals seeking to arrive at their mountain fully prepared, informed, and enabled to perform at their maximum physical and mental potential. With expeditions now costing from $8,000 to $80,000, it’s a smart investment to enable you to do your best on your climb.

If any of these points fit your situation you may benefit from Summit Coach:

  • Not pleased with your experience on a recent climb
  • Want to climb a 7,000 or 8,000-meter peak but are not sure where to start
  • Unsure of how to find the best gear at the best price
  • How to get your family on the same page to support your ambitions
  • Want to be in the best shape possible for your climb but unsure how to start
  • All guide services seem similar and are not sure who you can trust
  • Is the lowest price guide service safe?

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