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Summit Coach is proud to offer a comprehensive library of tutorials regularly updated with the latest, proven techniques and best practices:

General Mountaineering Tips

  • These coaching documents take a broad view of climbing, from long-term preparation to tips on what to do when you bonk on a climb.

Preparing for a climb Mountaineering Tips

  • Preparing for a climb is more than training. These documents describe a complete program from physical trainingselecting a guide to a pre-climb checklist, and even practical tips on how to pack your kit.

Evaluating Your Performace after the climb

  • A crucial step in learning is to objectively review your overall performance once you get home from the climb.

Mountain TiPs

  • A detailed list of suggestions, reminders, and insights organized by the climbing timeline for your specific mountain from the day you set the goal to the summit and then back home. TIPS covers each camp on the mountain in detail.



The most important service you get from Summit Coach is the ongoing conversations to explore your climb and preparation.

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