Initial Phone Consultation

  • A one hour phone call to explore your goals and the services you may need including a discussion of your experience and current skills

Strategic Climb Plan

  • A customized plan for your specific climb that covers what you should expect from weather, gear, guides, routes plus training suggestions and budget considerations.
  • A jointly developed written, personalized plan with milestones that prepares you to arrive at your climb in the best possible  condition for that specific climb. It will consider where you live, your lifestyle and time availability. It will also consider your long term goals.

Strategic Skills Plan

  • A written plan that considers your current climbing skills, and your proposed climb. It will include an assessment for the required
    skills for your short and long term objectives based on the Strategic Climb Plan.

Strategic Training Plan

  • A written training plan that considers your current conditioning, and your proposed climb. It will include work on mental techniques to maintain focus during your expedition.
  • Note, you may still choose a personal trainer as Summit Coach does not provide this service. Summit Coach works with other training organizations for a personalized training coach

Guide Selection Consultation and Plan

  • Advice on selecting the best guide service (if needed) that matches your goals, budget, style and experience.

Gear Selection Consultation and Plan

  • Advice on selecting, and purchasing the best gear for your climb while considering your long term goals. You will receive assistance in buying gear at the lowest possible price.

Email Consultation

  • Fast response to all emails on questions or concerns about your climb.

Customized Mountain TIPS Sheet

  • A detailed list of suggestions, reminders and insights organized by the climbing timeline for your specific mountain from the
    day your set the goal, to the summit and then back home. TIPS covers each camp in detail.

Electronic Communications Consultation and Plan

  • Advice on whether to blog during your climb and what is the most cost effective method. The plan also includes using electronic
    trackers like DeLorme, SPOT and camera recommendations.

1-1 Live Personal Coaching

  • Regular live consultations either in person, on the phone or via Skype throughout the engagement. This is available on a weekly or
    monthly basis.

On-Mountain Consulting

  • Through email or phone, Alan will provide consulting while you are on your climb.

Post Climb Debrief

  • Once you are back home, a structured debrief focusing on lessons learned and your next goal.

Sponsorship Strategy Development

  • Alan will help you develop a sponsorship strategy including identifying potential sponsors, write a professional proposal and rehearsing your presentation. Alan draws on his 30 years of Executive Management and his own successful sponsorship experience for Everest, K2, Lhotse and the 7 Summits.

Step 3: Pricing

Other Services Available for Extra Fees

  • Custom personalized training, online or in person
  • High Altitude Medical Consultation
  • Specialized Consultation for Female Climbers
  • Rock Climbing Training
  • Ice Climbing Training
Alan on Everest summit May 21, 2011
Alan on the summit of Everest, May 21, 2011